Deployment and DevOps

Deployment and DevOps

We help you deploy, maintain, and optimize your machine learning models in your IT infrastructure. We also help in implementing and automating continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and continuous training (CT) for machine learning systems.

The key objective of a Software Delivery Pipeline is automation with no manual steps or changes required in or between any steps of the pipeline. Human error can and does occur when carrying out these boring and repetitive tasks manually and ultimately does affect the ability to meet deliverables and potentially SLAs due to botched deployments.

Our experts excel at Build automation/continuous integration, Test automation & Deploy automation. With help of our continuous integration pipelines, our clients get benefits of:

Faster bug fixes & feature delivery

With CI & CD when features or bug fixes are finished, and have passed the acceptance and integration tests, a CD pipeline allows these to be quickly delivered into production.

Cost savings

Continuous Delivery allows teams to work on features and bug fixes in small batches which means user feedback is received much quicker. This allows for changes to be made along the way thus reducing the overall time and cost of a project.

Lower-risk releases

Blue/Green deployments and canary releases allow for zero downtime deployments which are not detectable by users and make rolling back to a previous release relatively pain free.


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