Data Acquisition and Enrichment

Data Ingestion

We help you acquire raw data from multiple data sources or generate synthetic data to train your machine learning models. We obtain raw data and convert it to a format that can be easily manipulated depending on your use case. The data ingestion layer is the backbone of any analytics architecture. Downstream reporting and analytics systems rely on consistent and accessible data.

Here are few challenges that our ingestion technology and stack help address, and we help our clients innovate and discover great potential through wise investment decisions:

There are different ways of ingesting data, and the design of a data ingestion layer can be based on various models or architectures including but not limited to Batch & real-time streaming ingestion. The right ingestion model supports an optimal data strategy, and businesses typically choose the model that’s appropriate for each data source by considering the timeliness with which they’ll need analytical access to the data. Our solution incorporates all below great advantages from cutting edge integration technologies to address previous listed challenges:

Data Enrichment

We help clients enhance the data they already possess so they can make more informed decisions and to make their raw data more useful. By adding data from third parties, we can help our clients gain deeper insight into their customers’ lives and enable them to launch more personalized campaigns. In many cases, this means combining internal data with information received from external sources. This is a popular way for brands to augment their existing data sets and improve the quality of the conclusions that they can draw.

Businesses carry out Data Enrichment to improve the information they currently have so they can make better-informed decisions. Apart from that, it helps businesses perform the following operations:

  • Define and manage hierarchies
  • Create new business rules for labeling and sorting data on the fly
  • Investigate and process data that is multilingual and multi-structured
  • Process text and Semi-structured Data more efficiently
  • Reduce costs and optimize sales
  • Perform Predictive Analysis

This enriched data provides the opportunity for a more granular analysis than would otherwise be possible. Whether it is a more in-depth picture of a business’s audience, or better understanding of their competitors’ behavior, the added power of enriched data can make it much more useful than its constituent sources are on their own.

Data Cleansing

Our data specialists will help you improve your business processes by cleansing or scrubbing or appending and achieve goals of correcting or removing inaccurate and corrupt data. This process is crucial and emphasized because wrong data can drive a business to wrong decisions, conclusions, and poor analysis, especially if the huge quantities of big data are into the picture.

When combining multiple data sources on data integration or warehousing platforms, there are many opportunities for data to be duplicated or mislabeled. Our experts tackle complex data challenges and excel at fixing or removing incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data within a dataset.

Having clean data will ultimately increase overall productivity and allow for the highest quality information in your decision-making. Benefits include:

  • Removal of errors when multiple sources of data are at play.
  • Fewer errors make for happier clients and less-frustrated employees.
  • Ability to map the different functions and what your data is intended to do.
  • Monitoring errors and better reporting to see where errors are coming from, making it easier to fix incorrect or corrupt data for future applications.
  • Using tools for data cleaning will make for more efficient business practices and quicker decision-making.

Data Integrity

We ensure that the integrity of data is secure, the information stored in a database will remain complete, accurate, and reliable no matter how long it’s stored or how often it’s accessed. Data integrity describes both the state of data (i.e., valid or invalid) and the process for achieving the valid state with tactics such as error checking and anomaly detection. We can handle all your security and IT needs, enabling your business to be more stable, successful and profitable. We consider your specific goals and match them with what’s the most important for you and your employees.

The importance of data integrity in protecting yourself from data loss or a data leak cannot be overstated: in order to keep your data safe from outside forces with malicious intent, you must first ensure that internal users are handling data correctly. By implementing the appropriate data validation and error checking, you can ensure that sensitive data is never miscategorized or stored incorrectly, thus exposing you to potential risk. An assortment of factors can affect the integrity of the data stored in a database.

A few examples include the following:

Risks to data integrity can easily be minimized or eliminated by doing the following:

  • Limiting access to data and changing permissions to restrict changes to information by unauthorized parties
  • Validating data to make sure it’s correct both when it’s gathered and when it’s used
  • Backing up data
  • Using logs to keep track of when data is added, modified, or deleted
  • Conducting regular internal audits
  • Using error detection software

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